Introducing the Brushpick – the safe way to keep pesky leftovers out of your smile

Convenient, hygienic and easy to use on the go, we’ve taken the benefits of an interdental brush and the function of a toothpick and redesigned it. The design of our Brushpick ensures it is safe on gums while easily getting food out of those hard-to-reach areas. So next time you are out and about - don’t forget your Brushpick!

Why Use the Brushpick?

How many meals do you eat out nowadays? If you are anything like us, your life is spent on the go; home, work, school, social events… and you don’t want to get stuck with food in your teeth! We wanted to create a simple, affordable tool you can take with you anywhere which is just as easy to use socially as it is at home.

When bits of food are left stuck in teeth and gums it can cause, at best, bad breath or at worst, oral problems and a trip to the dentist. Many people avoid using toothpicks because they are hard on gums, so we’ve made sure that you can use the Brushpick safely to maintain your oral health - without impacting the health of your gums. 

What Makes It Unique?

  1. Rounded tip to protect gums while cleaning
  2. Unique bristles to remove food particles easily
  3. Flexible stem to easy manoeuvre, even around molars
  4. Made with food grade plastic - more hygienic and economical 
  5. Scored edge to help scrape away early plaque
  6. Pointed tip to help you comfortably clean between teeth


Maintain a camera-ready smile on the go. Grab our handy travel pack and never get caught with leftovers in your teeth again. 

Our Sizes:

The Brushpick comes in a variety of packs so you can choose what suits your lifestyle and needs the best. We have everything from a convenient dispenser pack for the home or office to an economical 1000pcs bulk container of individually-wrapped Brushpicks for the convenience of your restaurant customers. 

Our uniquely-designed Brushpick is an affordable and simple way to maintain your oral health - try it today!